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Celje "The town of princes" International Dance and Music Festival
  Destination: Slovenia - Celje
  Date: 5 - 8 September 2024
  Price: 185 euro

Celje's well-preserved architecture, from medieval castles to charming old town streets, creates a unique and picturesque backdrop for your performances.
What sets Celje apart is its warm and welcoming atmosphere. Locals here take pride in their rich heritage and are eager to share it with visitors.

This creates a sense of genuine hospitality that will make your stay memorable and heartwarming. The cultural diversity within Celje adds to its appeal. As your groups showcase their talents, you'll find a captivated audience eager to embrace and appreciate the wide spectrum of traditions on display. Celje is a place where past and present coexist harmoniously, creating an unforgettable setting for cultural exchange.

Moreover, the city's dedication to preserving traditions and its commitment to hosting events like yours ensure that your experience will be well-supported and organized. With stunning venues, engaging workshops, and friendly faces, Celje is the perfect canvas for your group's artistic expressions.

•Folklore groups, orchestras, majorettes, modern dance groups, choirs, music bands from all over the world
•The number of the participants are not limited
•No age limits

Participation fee
185 euro per person
•Addition day can be booked for 55 euro per person per day

The participation fee includes
•Participation in the festival concert
Bungalows Rogla 3***-

apartments for 4, 5 people
•For every group booking 5 bungalows for 5 people, we offer an additional 2 bungalows for 2 people at the same participation fee, with no extra supplement charges.
Bungalow type: 1/4+2, Size: 40 m2
Description of the bungalow: apartment with a kitchenette in the living room - downstairs, on the first floor - there are two rooms in the attic, the first is transitional to the second. Each room has two beds, the possibility of separate beds. In the kitchen: electric hotplates and an oven. The stairs to the attic are quite steep. Downstairs in the living room sofa bed (for 2 people maximum), table with chairs, telephone, cable TV, separate bathroom with shower and toilet. All of them have a separate entrance with an exit to an open terrace with a fence.
•Diplomas, gifts

The participation fee does not include
•Travel tax 2,50 euro per person per day - payment on the spot
•Registration 3 euro payment on the spot, once not per day
•No free places
•Optional Programs, excursions (only recommendations, not arranged by the organizers)

Application deadline: 10 February 2024


5 September
Check in
Meeting with the organizers, discussing the next days
6 September
Breakfast, Free program (recommendation):
Crossed by marked trails, the Rogla Plateau is extremely suitable for hiking. Walk through the woods, clearings and meadows to reach the Lakes Lovrenška jezera, the Ribnica Hut, Osankarica or the Lake Črno jezero.
If you are on the lookout for an adrenaline experience, you can take a stroll among spruce trees by torch light and experience the night that holds a special power on Rogla.
Treetop Walk Pohorje - Experience nature from a new perspective – the Treetop Walk on Rogla in Pohorje

Early dinner in the afternoon and drive to festival location (Celje).
Festival concert with all groups, receiving the gift and diploma from the organizer
7 September
Breakfast, A perfect day for tours and optional programs
The town of princes with rich archaeological treasures, a modern urban vibe, and a green soul.
Celje is the town of the Counts of Celje because of one of the most powerful European noble families.
Celje Castle and the town centre are surrounded by a green environment where you can take an active break.
The nearby hop-growing Žalec is home to the internationally known attraction the Green Gold Fountain.

The charming Municipality of Mozirje opens the door to the dreamy, unspoilt and one of the most beautiful alpine valleys in the world — the Upper Savinja Valley. If you want to enjoy beautiful flowers, go on a ride in a cable car, indulge in the charms of the Golte Landscape Park and all the activities available there, walk along the paths of old town squares and listen to the stories of old houses, or relax on the bank of the Savinja River or in various wellness centers, then you have to visit blossoming Mozirje.


Capital of Štajerska region at the foot of green Pohorje and sunlit wine-growing hills. Discover the second largest Slovenian city in the embrace of the wine-growing hills and vast forests of Pohorje.
The centre of the Štajerska region in Slovenia is surrounded by the green forests of Pohorje, a sunny wine-growing region and the Drava River that runs through the city. Maribor is a charming city with rich historic and cultural roots, reaching back to the Middle Ages. The top culinary selection and a number of festivals continue to bring joy even today. The Guinness world records tell the tale of rich wine tradition, the oldest vine in the world, which is found in the city centre, as well as the wine roads in the vicinity.

8 September
Departure of the participants
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